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Future Upgrades

I have a ton of projects waiting to for funding, and also time. On a college budget, only some of these will ever get finished.

But, nevertheless, I intend to keep track of them here. I will attempt to divide them up, between software (arduino) changes, interior control changes, light changes/upgrades, and other truck upgrades.

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  1. Software/Control
  2. Light Upgrades
  3. Truck Upgrades

Software Changes

The latest version of code is currently posted here. I have some things I want to update, and add functionality to the code. Listed below.

  • Add timer function. Use for bed lights.
  • Rotary Switch or encoder for scene lighting. I'll explain this below
  • 3 Position Switch oriented Up, Middle, Down. This and rotary switch will be located in center console.
  • Cat5 or similar cable to run from center console to toolbox.

Switch Logic

The particular encoder I'm looking at has 18 detents. So we can relate each position on the encoder to 20 degrees around the vehicle. In doing this, I have unparalled control of every outward facing light on the truck. But what if I want to light up a broader section? Using a 3 position switch, this is easier to accomplish.

If you flip the three position switch forward, you have control to switch one independent light. You can rotate the encoder around indefinitely, with each exterior light switching on and off independently. Naturally, the switch in the middle position is off. Now, moving the switch down changes the lighting system into Multi-Directional-Lighting. Say the encoder is in position 1 (20°). In normal (individual) mode, as you rotate to position 2 (40°), position 1 will turn off. However, as you move into MDL mode, moving from position 1 to position 2 will keep position 1 on, and as you continue to work around the dial, each light will turn on and stay on, until you either:

  1. a) turn the 3-position switch to 'off'.
  2. b) rotate the encoder in the opposite direction through the active scenes, turning off each individual light.

I'm hoping that one rj45 cable is enough to deliever a 5v signal to the switch and encoder, and deliver back the data signal back to the arduino in the toolbox. Guess I'll just have to test it later.

Lights Upgrades

I have a page dedicated to my headache rack, which will soon encompass the new ladder rack I have in the making. This will list out the plans I have to build the lighting array.

  • 22" light bar for top of headache rack pointing forward.
  • two
  • This part of the list has to do with the new rear ladder rack, which is going to be made to match the headache rack's shape, and will include the light boxes for the oval brake and reverse lights.
  • 9-Conductor Wire
  • This will allow 5 wires for regular functionality control (ground, reverse, left turn, right turn, tail/clearance) as well as room for scene lighting.
  • Trux© Dual Revolution Oval LED lights. (TLED-OX60R)
  • These awesome lights are quickly gaining traction with the heavy-duty crowd. My hope is to use these to their full functionality and show them off for the pickup market.

Truck Maintenance

All these upgrades are great and all, but let's not forget about truck maintenance and upkeep. This is going to be more mundane items, but atleast I can use this list as a reminder when I'm looking for something to do.

  • Rear Speakers Upgrade
  • This is a strikethrough
  • New Windshield Wipers
  • Move CB Antenna to passenger side
  • Reupholster / Add foam to Driver's seat
  • Passenger Window Air Deflector removal
  • Front Headliner weeping fix
  • Truck Key Fob/ Door lock Actuators
  • Replace one overhead light with red LED.