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Headache Rack with Matching Ladder Rack

1999 Ford F150

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In March 2016, I bought this headache rack from a student that made it back in high school. It came with all 4 oval lights, 20+ feet of 4-strand cable.

It was a good starting point for all my lights, but will definitely be modified or replaced in the future. Since I bought it, I have added flood lights, repainted it once, added gussets to make it more rigid, and installed a CB Antenna.

Ford F150 Ladder Rack Matching Headache Rack

In Summer 2017, I found a fabricator in Houston to make a matching ladder rack. I wanted the same shape, as well as light cutouts for the ovals. The primary purpose for this rack is to haul my kayak above the bed, and in the future will act as the structure for my roof top tent!

I painted it, and then wired the rack. For mounting, I am currently using C-clamps to quickly remove or reposition the rack.

More Pictures

Ford F150 Headache Rack Flood Lights Gif
Ford F150 Headache Rack Flood Lights Gif
Ford F150 Headache Rack Ladder Rack in the forest
Ford F150 Headache Rack Ladder Rack

Because I was working on my v1 lighting system, I wired the reverse lights and tail lights to the arduino. The brake/turn signals function as normal, but I could manually turn on the tail lights with my remote.