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A Landing Page

Lighting Systems

This is a landing page for lighting and automotive control systems photos by Tyler Hadley. I use this site to host my forum posts, and occasionally will highlight important photos or systems here.

I'm active on F150Forums as well as Expedition Portal!

What I Do

Lighting Systems

My main focus has been creating an open source lighting control system, which is easily expandable and simple to create.

This system has gone through several revisions, which can be seen on some of my forum posts. Now, an Arduino Mega is the brains of the operation, with a dedicated electrical system in the toolbox, and lights are toggled with a 4 button key fob.
All the code I use is posted here on the site, and I will be making major upgrades to the system soon.

Other truck mods

Lighting Systems

I recently built this center console, adding cup holders and power points.

A 7" screen is the primary occupant, tied to an Esky license plate mount backup camera. 2 deep cupholders, the CB mount and single switch(for now) finish out the surface.
The switch controls the electronics; it's wired to the 3 outlet bank behind the console. Plugged into the bank is the monitor, CB Radio, and dashcam.

This will be a major part of my next big project, which I will be detailing on F150Forum. Simply put, I'm building a GUI to control the lighting system centered around the screen.

Photographing the lighting system

Lighting Systems

It's hard to property capture the light output of any light source

I want to provide some of the most accurate photos of light output, so you know what to expect when you go buy lights.

Check out the Lighting Contol System page for a detailed description and product information.


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